Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ale! The Three-Wheeled Sports Car

George Parker, the President of Fuel Vapor Technologies, is closer now than ever to seeing his dream come to fruition After 15 years of research and labor. Parker is sharing a first glimpse of the Fuel Vapor ale to the public with patents pending on his engine technology. The output of the ultra-light auto is more astonishing than the design of the 3-wheeled vehicle. The turbo charged 1500cc Honda engine the Fuel Vapor ale puts out 180-hp and achieves a zero-to-sixty time of 5 seconds and a quarter mile time of 12.9 seconds with a high mileage. Those results are actually acquired while still getting 92 miles-per-gallon.

The Fuel Vapor technology system developed by Parker feeds a modified mixture of fuel and air compared to the typical combustion engine. After taking the fuel from liquid form into a gaseous form and Parker then it is mixed with the air into the cylinder at an unthinkable ratio. The typical combustion engine has an air fed a fuel mix of 14.7 parts of air to every one part of fuel (14.7:1). On the other hand, the Fuel Vapor ale increases the ratio to 20:1.

Essentially, less fuel is used by the ale to produce a better performing and efficient engine. And there are fewer particles of fuel that fail to burn because the fuel is fed in a vapor form. Thus the Fuel Vapor ale produces 75% fewer carbon emissions on regular fuel even without a catalytic converter installed compared to any hybrid car and far less than any gasoline engine on the planet.

Right now, the Fuel Vapor Technologies Company is waiting on investors to help them along and waiting on their patent to be processed. To make the Fuel Vapor ale a production car, which is a requirement to be considered for the Automotive X-Prize competition is the prime intension of the company. $10million is the prize money put up for the first car to reach 100-mpg; however, the car is ready and able to be produced in adequate numbers and it is the contingency on winning the prize.

For some, the car may be too small or look like a shovel while for others that is fine. The Fuel Vapor ale is certainly a large step toward proving that engine technologies do exist to allow better fuel economy. No one ever asked the Wright Brothers to build a Lear jet after their first flight along the beach in North Carolina, while a 1500cc engine may not drive a Suburban down the road.

A fast new car, which runs on fuel-vapor, is making hybrids seem like gas guzzlers, giving off 75% less CO2 emissions than the average hybrid. The new car is really wonderful because it handles a lot more like a sports car than people would expect from such an eco-friendly vehicle, and anyone can drive it as fast as 140mph, assuming that there are no cops around.

This car is called “ale.” It represents a new breed of futuristic, faster, and more environmentally friendly car. A Honda engine and suspension, and a Porsche steering mechanisms are used by its creators to achieve an extraordinary performance.. 10 gallons of regular gas is the only amount of fuel that can hold by its fuel tank, however the 10 gallons last for amazing distance.
A top speed of 225kmh and the ability to perform 1.7g turns performance is in high end sports car territory with a zero to 100kmh time of five seconds. However, it does this while using only 2.45L/100km and producing far less emissions than the most economical hybrids without using a catalytic converter that makes this car amazing.

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